Thursday, February 9, 2017

Dog chiropractor/back pain in dogs cape cod boston

Too often dogs are diagnosed with disc problems and the actual issue is spinal subluxations which is a movement problem in the spime causing nerve pinching. A Certified Animal Chiropractor can correct these subluxations w adjustments and cold laser.
Always check to see if the chiropractor is certified by the american vet chiropractic assoc since ther are doctors adjusting animals who are not certified and have not attended a 215 hour post grad course.
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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

dog sore back chiropractor for dogs south of boston, boston, north shore bostonl cape cod

Many dogs can experience a sore back and your vet will usually evaluate for disc problems and most cases this is not the problem. If your vet finds no disc problems then u will get meds for pain and inflammation. This approach will not fix the problem but rather treat the symptoms and cause other new issues due to compensation.

Most commonly the issue is a subluxation of the spine which is literally a spinal joint that can get stuck in motion causing nerve pain and muscle strain. A Certified Animal Chiropractor can easily evaluate your dog for this and a chiropractic adjustment along with cold laser can correct this. Your vet is not experienced in diagnosis of this issue so it will not be detected, I teach at Options for Animals chiropractic college and can tell you that the Vets that I teach are always amazed when I teach them about spinal biomechanics since this is not taught in their school.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Chiropractor for dogs, cats and horses south shore boston


When choosing an animal chiropractor always check the american veterinary chiropractic assoc website

There are Chiropractors who adjust animals that are not certified so please check before you make an appointment. The training for animals is extensive and these doctors are adjusting animals and endangering themselves as well as your animal so please check for credentials. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

sore withers in a horse - chiropractor for horses North and South Shore Boston

Proper Saddle Fit and Your Horse’s Withers

Many times, I see horses with sore withers, and the owner tells me the saddle was fitted recently. Upon examination, I find the withers are sore and sensitive. When I look at the saddle, I can see it appears to be too far forward on the horse’s back or pinching the trapezius muscle (please see the red area in the picture). This muscle will also cause tightness in the neck. The remedy is to have a certified saddle fitter carry out your saddle fitting, and to have your chiropractor or veterinarian check for pinching at the panels.

 Image result for picture of horse trap muscle

Friday, June 3, 2016

Horse with back pain or soreness-boston area equine chiropractor north shore cape cod

Sometimes when a horse has a sore back it is originating at the pelvic bone
 this muscle travels from the pelvis all the way up the spine. A subluxation in the pelvic sacroiliac joint can cause this and a chiropractic adjustment can help correct it.

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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Shoulder pain in dogs - chiropractor for dogs south shore boston cape cod

Dr Bruce adjusts many house pets and performance dogs for shoulder problems. The canine shoulder is suspended by muscle with no collar bone so ur dog has a vast range of motion. The vast motion can cause shoulder subluxation as well as upper back and neck. Chiropractic adjustments to these areas along with some rehab exercises will get ur dog moving well. Dr Bruce uses cold laser theray as well.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Back pain in dogs - chiropractor for dogs south shore boston boston cape cod nantucket

Back pain can be caused by subluxations ( joints that can pinch nerves) as well as strains of the back muscles and disc problems. Sometimes even a hip and or shoulder problem can cause back pain.
Dr Bruce has been in practice for 32 years and thus is well experienced in diagnosing and treating canine back issues. If your dog needs to see the Vet he will referr u as well.
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