Thursday, January 29, 2015

back pain from shoveling snow - chiropractor weymouth ma

Dr Bruce Indek has been in practice for 32 years and has treated many patients with back pain from snow removal. Most major insurance accepted.

One hint is to always use moist heat if ache like pain or ice if sharp pain. Use both for 20 min ev 2 hours. It is how freq you use the ice or heat not how long.

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dogs with disc problems - chiropractor for dogs in south shore boston, cape cod, nantucket, martha's vineyard, boston


If your dog has a disc problem one of the most common areas is T13/L1 which is mid to low back region. If your dogs shrieks when you pick him or her up then try lifting them from under the arm pits on the front legs, this will not put pressure on the spine and will actually take pressure off the disc since you will be inducing traction and opening up the disc space.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

shoulder pain in dogs - dog chiropractor south shore boston, cape cod, nantucket, marthas vineyard, boston

The shoulder blade known as the scapula is suspended in muscle and is free floating. There is no collar bone [clavicle] in your dog so there is an vast range of motion that can occur on the front limbs. These muscles that suspend the scapula are attached to the spine and powered by nerves in the spine. If there is a shoulder injury there will be a subluxation in the neck and or upper back of your dog as well. These subluxations will short circuit the nerves that control the muscles and thus inhibit healing of the shoulder.

To help heal this issue chiropractic adjustments, cold laser and some rehab exercises are essential.
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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

back pain chiropractor weymouth mass - Kinesiology Tape

Dr Bruce uses Kinesiology Tape for patients with neck and back pain along with chiropractic adjustments and cold laser.

Ktape is amazing in the fact that it allows you to support muscles while not restricting motion which will speed the healing process.

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Equitape horses - chiropractor for horses - Horses with leg and back pain - Equine Chiropractor south shore boston, north shore boston

Equi-Tape® is the first kinesiology tape designed specifically for the equine. It is an elastic cotton 2-way stretch tape technology containing advanced adhesive properties for ease of application, removal and placement longevity. Developed by Dr. Beverly Gordon in the early part of 2005, Dr. Gordon has since perfected the use of Equi-Tape® further developing the Equi-Taping® Methodology for conditions affecting the equine athlete for use in both training and conditioning as well as in rehabilitation and clinical recovery

Dr Bruce is attending a seminar in Florida with Equi-tape. Dr Bruce will teach you how to apply the tape yourself and how best to use it.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Kinesio taping horses - Equitape Horses - chiropractor for horses NH, Mass, RI

Dr Bruce is certified in Kinesio Taping for horses by Equitape. This method will support your horse while healing and not limit motion.

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back pain dogs - chiropractor for dogs south shore boston, cape cod, nantucket, marthas vineyard, boston

Dr Bruce Indek has been in practice for 32 years and is a visiting instructor at Options for Animals Chiropractic College.

Dr Bruce is certified by the american vet chiropractic assoc and has many referrals from various vet and rehab centers such as animotion in stoughton mass.

Dr Bruce makes house calls throughout mass, rhode island and nh.

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chiropractor back pain south shore boston, weymouth, cape cod, boston nantucket marthas vineyard

Dr Bruce makes house calls for his 2 legged as well as 4 legged patients. If you would like a house call visit instead of coming to the office please contact him at 781-337-1180 or email at Appointments are available throughout eastern Mass.
If you would like your dog or cat adjusted at the same time no problem.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Front leg lameness - dog chiropractor boston,south shore boston,cape cod,nantucket,marthas vineyard

Many times dogs will have a cervical and or thoracic( upper back) issue called subluxation complex that will alter nerve and muscle function to the front leg. Your vet will usually prescribe muscle relaxers, anti inflam and pain killers but this will not fix a subluxation complex.

Chiropractic adjustments done by a certified american vet chiropractic doctor using his or her hands will correct the problem. I usually give the owners exercises and use cold laser to speed healing. I make house calls so your dog does not havre to get in the car and be nervous at the vets.

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