Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Stiffness in a dog or horse - chiropractor for dogs and horses

Many times an owner will call w a complaint of stiffness in their animal. The most common area at fault is the lower cervical region. Subluxations often occur at c7 which will decrease lateral flexion and create tightness in the shoulder. This shoulder tightness will in turn cause a locking in the shoulder w decreased extension.

You will notice a dog not jumping as well or a horse being hesitant to turn.

The remedy is chiropractic adjustments to this area and some rehab exercises.

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hip problems in dogs - chiropractor for dogs mass

Many times the psoas muscle and sacroiliac joint is involved. A loss of movement occurs and hip pain occurs. Chiropractic can improve sacroiliac motion along with myofascial work.

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Weymouth Mass Chiropractor - Bruce Indek DC

Having chiropractic adjustment will enhance your immune system. How you say, well if the body is acidic the immune system is stronger, such as when you take Ascorbic Acid aka Vit C. When nerves fire off in the body then produce an acid environment in the body. If the spinal bones [region of the body where ALL nerves start out] are stuck and not moving correctly, then spinal nerves will not fire as well. This causes a loss of the acid environment and thus weaken the immune system.

This entire concept alone explains why going to the chiropractor even when you feel well is so important. Vit C alone is not enough and neither is just getting adjusted. You have to do it all in order to max your health potential.

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Infections in dogs and horses - Chiropractor for dogs and horses in mass

Ok so this is a different way of looking at your health and that of your animals. We all have seen the reoccurance of colds and other infections despite our good intentions.  The body needs to be acidic in order to aid in immune function. When the body is less acidic the immune system is weakened.

Nerves have the ability to keep the body acidic via firing off in a normal manner and releasing ions that will aid in this acidity. If nerves do not fire correctly such as when the spine is subluxated [ spinal bones that are stuck in movement and irritating nerves thus changing the firing rate of nerves], the acidity will decrease in the body and thus weaken the immune system. Obviously a weak immune system will allow for infection.

Keeping the spine un-subluxated by chiropractic adjustments will strengthen the immune system. This is a concept that needs to be kept in mind and is just another reason why wellness chiropractic care [care that occurs when there are no symptoms or injury] is so important.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Exercises for dogs with back problems - Dog Chiropractor MA

Exercises for by walking through a ladder controlled with leash and treats for 3 to 5 reps 3 times per week will help improve hind end and front end weakness.
Using an exercise ball under the instruction of your animal chiropractor will also be of benefit.

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Dog Back Pain - Dog chiropractor Mass and southern Mass South Shore

Back pain in a dog can often be resolved by chiropractic care. A certified animal chiropractor from the American Vet Chiropractic Assoc will evaluate your dog for subluxation [ a spinal bone that is not moving correctly and irritating nerves to the back and legs].

Adjusting the dog along with specific rehab exercises that I give the dog will greatly improve the dogs function and remove pain.

Doing exercises without chiropractic care may cause increased problems. Likewise just doing chiropractic without exercise therapy is only half the answer.

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