Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wobblers - Alternative Treatment - Canine Chiropractor Mass.- Boston Area

Wobblers usually affects large breed dogs especially Dobermans and Great Danes. The lower cervical spine has usually caused a narrow canal for the spinal cord to travel through. This narrow canal can be a genetic defect in these breeds. Alternative therapy such as chiropractic, acupuncture and herbal medicine have helped many dogs avoid the surgery.
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Horse with Sore Front Leg - Horse Chiropractor Mass - Horse and Rider Chiropractic

Many times there are no findings within the 'sore front leg' and the actual problem is in the opposite Rear hip, SI joint or Low Back region. When the Sacroiliac Joint is subluxated the joint does not move well and the horse will bear more weight on the opposite front leg. You will also find it difficult to turn your horse in the direction of the SI joint that is subluxated. Chiropractic adjustments along with massage will alleviate the SI subluxation and often clear up that sore front limb that has no definitive cause for sensitivity.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Chiropractor for dog mass

Slipped disc. The disc does not actually slip but rather bulges. Common in the lumbar [low back } and cervica {neck} regions. It is vital to see your vet and chiropractor immediately to avoid permanent nerve damage and an early death. The symptoms can be lose of legs, bladder trouble, extreme pain, inability to feed or drink water, bowel incontin. the list goes on.

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Horse Chiropractor - Mass - Balance

It’s All in the Framework

The Framework of your horse and your body is comprised of bones and muscles all coordinated by the nervous system. What if we take this Framework and bend it as well as distort it? When this distortion occurs muscles strain and begin to fail, organs abnormally function due to crowding within the body, abnormal body chemistry occurs due to a change in circulation and waste product build up. To restore this function we need to restore the Framework as well as correct the cause of the Framework distortion.

Many Framework distortions are caused by an abnormal or uneven foundation. The foundation in living things is the Sacrum. A change in the movement of the Sacrum will cause spinal distortions resulting in a loss of energy and vitality while the body attempts to overcome this mechanical defect. In the quadruped [your horse] there is a second foundation which is located in the lower neck.

You may be asking yourself “what causes this distortion?” Well any stress be it physical or emotional can create a short circuit within the nervous system resulting in abnormal muscle movement and pull. This abnormal pull can create locking of joints with ensuing compensation in other joints as well as an alteration in the two foundations being that of the Sacrum and lower neck bones. Once this distortion occurs the cascade of health issues begins.

There are two sets of parallel muscles in the body that travel from the Sacrum/ Pelvis along both sides of the spine all the way to the skull. These muscles must work in harmony. When the Sacrum and Pelvis lock up in movement similar to a “stuck hinge” these parallel muscles alter in function. A method in Chiropractic called “Logan Basic” is utilized to help correct the ligament and Sacrum function thus allowing for restoration of Body Framework. How Logan Basic works is very simply. The Sacrum is the foundation of the spine much like the foundation of your house {see picture 1} when this foundation is stuck out of position it will alter the structure of the whole spine that sits above it, much like the foundation of your home will alter your home’s structure. There is a ligament that supports the movement of the Sarcrum called the Sacrotuberous Ligament {See Picture 2} that often times it will become taught when the Sacrum motion is altered. Logan Basic Technique has its focus on contacting this Sarcrotuberous Ligament with the doctors finger and utilizing a specific amount of tension in a specific direction to ease the ligament tension and allow all of the muscles and joints above the Sacrum to relax in order to improve the Chiropractic Adjustment effectiveness. Logan Basic also has a great impact on the portion of the nervous system that controls organ function since these nerves are located within the Sacrum region as well.

Many times Logan Basic has helped with colic, digestion, incontinence, impregnating difficulties, and even labor. Logan Basic Technique has been used with people since the 1930’s and Animal Chiropractic has been using it over the years as well.