Thursday, October 31, 2013

chiropractor weymouth ma columbian square

Dr Indek has been in practice since 1984 and is also certified in sports injuries and animal chiropractic. He is the director of chiropractic for the Boston Marathon since 1985, Broadway shows Cats, Phantom and Crazy for You.

His office is accepting new patients and takes most insurance.

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Dog with back pain - chiropractor for dogs and horses south shore boston

Back pain is an elusive condition. Your standard Vet will prescribe meds for pain and muscle relax as well as crate rest. Most vets jump to the conclusion that this is a disc problem. Most cases it is not a disc problem and so the meds and crate rest will not fix the problem.

The most common cause is subluxation of spinal bones causing nerve pinching. Animal Chiropractors are the perfect doctor for this most common problem. You should always ask if the chiropractor is certified by the AVCA or IVCA.

My visits are in your home so your dog is most comfortable, I travel throughout New England.
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Monday, October 28, 2013

chiropractor in weymouth mass - back and neck pain

Dr Bruce Indek accepts most insurance for chiropractic care and also offers discount programs for those without coverage. Your visit can be as little as 40.

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back sensitivity and or back pain dogs- chiropractor for dogs south shore boston and boston

Dogs can have twitch like sensation in back which would look like a twitch when you pet them. This reaction could be caused by nerve irritation in the spine. Spinal nerves have branches that supply power to the muscles along the back so if these nerves are irritated by a subluxation complex a twitch may result.

Your vet will not usually pick up on this since standard vet ed does not stress nerve phys and or anatomy as animal chiropractic does.

Having your dog adjusted will fix this issue and prevent further problems such as disc problems and lameness.

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Rear leg lameness in small dogs - chiropractor for dogs south shore boston, boston, cape cod

Rear leg lameness can be caused by luxating patella. The knee cap or patella is not riding in the grove properly so it can pull to the side on knee flexion thus causing strain of the muscles in the leg and periodic lameness after exercise and bunny hopping. Your dog will also compensate by shifting his weight to the opposite side thus causing spinal subluxations as well as shoulder subluxations on the opposite side.

Animal Chiropractors are expert at evaluating this problem and helping your dog since they look at the whole dog and not just the knee.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Painful joints in a dog - chiropractor for dogs boston,south shore boston and cape cod

Arnica for pain, cold laser for cell healing ,pain and inflammation, chiropractic for movement problems, homeopathic remedies for healing tissue, and exercise rehab ... These are all the services i offer.

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Back pain in your horse- chiropractor for horses south and north shore boston

Swayback in a horse can be caused by weak abdominal muscles and oer subluxations within the spine.

The simple backward walking in hand up an incline can help develop these muscles. Also lifting one front leg and slightly pushing back on the sternum will also exercise the core.

Chiropractic adjustments along with activity will help correct this weakness.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pain in wrist and thumb, Chiropractor Weymouth Ma Indek Chiropractic

This muscle is one of two muscles involved in dequervains syndrome which is pain in the thumb side of the wrist. The tendons become inflammed and tender, w difficulty grabbing things. I use cold laser therapy, homeopathy and chiropractic with great success, please pass along.Photo: This muscle is one of two muscles involved in dequervains syndrome which is pain in the thumb side of the wrist. The tendons become inflammed and tender, w difficulty grabbing things.  I use cold laser therapy, homeopathy and chiropractic with great success, please pass along.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Chiropractor for dogs with disc problems south shore boston, boston, cape cod

 Article on Canine Disc Disease. To schedule an appt please call Dr Bruce at 781-337-1180 or email at

Sciatica and back pain. Chiropractor for sciatica south shore boston weymouth

Sciatica is literally pain shooting down the leg from the lumbar [low back]. Cause can often be subluxations, arthritis, disc problems. These causes are all taken care of by a chiropractor. Many people ask if I can help their sciatica and I often say YES this is like asking a dentist if he fixes cavities.

Using Cold laser therapy, Chiropractic Adjustments and Exercise you can rid yourself of Sciatica. I offer state of the art therapy and in conjunction with my 30 yrs of experience you are well cared for.

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I am located in Columbian Sq Weymouth.

Arthritis in dogs - Chiropractor for dogs with arthritis south shore boston, boston, and cape cod

 This is a great article on Canine Arthritis, please read.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Chiropractic for dogs and horses - how to know if the doctor is certified

First you must be a licensed Chiropractor of Vet. The course is 5 month and 215 hours with a board exam.
I teach at Options for Animals Chiropractic College and the course work is demanding.

There is a course out there called VOM which is a joke. The course is over a few weekends with next to no lab work [ hands on demo]. They also offer it online so you do not even have to go to a seminar. Would you like your doctor to have been trained in a few weekends without any board testing... probably not.

I am a certified animal chiropractor by the Amer Vet Chiropractic Assoc and as stated teach at the college. Please always ask about certification.

dog with shaking or quivering leg- Chiropractor for dogs south shore boston- Canine Chiropractic South shore boston cape cod boston

Dogs sometimes have a leg that quivers  This commonly is due to muscle fatigue since there may be stress on the muscle from abnormal movement. This abnormal movement can be from Subluxations of the spine or extremities. When the subluxation which is a joint locked in motion causing nerve irritation occurs it decreases power to the muscle and early fatigue sets in. Your dog may also compensate on the other leg or even use the front end to a greater degree and thus causing issues in the shoulder and or neck.

Chiropractic evaluates the joints of the spine and extremities as well as the nervous system. Adjustments to these subluxations will enable the body to correct them and restore normal nerve function and thus the quivering will halt.

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

horse with back pain and Chiropractor for horses south, north and west of Boston as well as cape cod

Cold laser therapy on horses can have a profound affect in as little as 3 min. I treated a mare yesterday 10/1/13 who had lameness issues and sore back when the rider got on. After 3 min of treatment the owner could not believe that the mare was dropping her head and the lower lip was relaxed. The owner said she never relaxed like that before. Once I also adjusted the mare the entire back reaction was gone!

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Sciatica Chiropractor on south shore boston

Cold laser therapy in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments will help cure sciatica and allow you to go back to normal activity. Cold laser does not hurt, in fact you feel nothing during the treatment and sometimes results are immediate. Dr Bruce has been in practice since 1984 and has helped many people with this problem.

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Cold Laser Therapy for dogs, horses and people, back pain and cold laser therapy south shore boston

Cold laser therapy is an amazing therapy that I use for animals and people to heal injured tissue, muscle spasm and pain. It does not hurt and you can have results sometimes in just one treatment. Usually it takes a series of visits to perman. heal the area. In the case of possible disc problems, strained muscles, lameness, sciatica, pinched nerves all can be helped by cold laser.
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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Chiropractor for Dogs and Horses - Chiropractor for Dogs in Back Pain South Shore Boston

Dogs like people can experience back pain caused by subluxation, muscle spasm and or disc problems. Sometimes the pain can be caused by a limp issue. Your Vet will normally not be able to recognize the issue beyond muscle or disc problems and usually just prescribe meds or expensive tests. If your dog or horse has been cleared by the vet of any organ issues and or disease then an animal chiropractor is your next choice.

Dr Bruce does house calls and barn calls and will evaluate, chiropractic adjust, cold laser , muscle work and give you exercises to do with your animal.
Our website is and there are video demo for dog and horse chiropractic.
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Chiropractor in Weymouth Ma - Sports Injury Chiropractor Weymouth MA

Bruce Indek is the lead chiropractor and organizer of the chiropractic section at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. At the finish in Copley Square, he can be found with his glowing flashlight from Logan Airport directing runners to the chiropractic tent situated by the old John Hancock building.
Bruce is a certified chiropractor and practices in Quincy, MA. He has worked as a chiropractor for many athletic events like the Iron Man Triathlon in Hawaii. He also traveled with the US Triathlon team in the early 1990’s.
When Bruce moved to the Boston area 29 years ago, he quickly became interested in volunteering for the Boston Marathon. He noticed that there were no chiropractors working at the finish, so, he contacted the medical team at the B.A.A. and told them he wanted to offer his skills as a chiropractor. “At the time, there were only fifteen people at the medical meeting I attended,” he said.
1985 was the first year that Bruce volunteered. He remembers how minimal the resources were at the time: “I was the only chiropractor on the medical team. We had to assemble army cots to use for the runners, and all we had to give them to eat was some bullion and Doritos.” Since then, the chiropractic team has grown to approximately twelve chiropractors that have their own separate chiropractic tent.
Bruce has watched the marathon evolve and has seen some incredible moments in marathon history. At the 100th running of the Boston Marathon, all of the medical tents moved to Boston Common to accommodate all of the runners. He remembers watching as a “sea of space blankets walked down Boylston” towards him and his team. Another year, Bruce had a nice chat with Johnny Kelley about some of Johnny’s paintings that Bruce had seen. Bruce said he will never forgot those moments.
For Bruce, above all else, it is the “kinship” he feels with the runners that keeps him coming back to volunteer. “I see the same people that come back every year, and we are friends for ten minutes each year,” he said. “If I wasn’t having fun, I wouldn’t keep coming back. The atmosphere is electric.”
He considers this race to be “a premiere athletic event” that has become a tradition for him each year. “All of my patients know that I won’t be open on Marathon Monday,” he said. “I’ll be in Boston.”