Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Chiropractor Weymouth Mass

Dr Bruce Indek has been in practice since 1984 on the south shore of Boston. His experience ranges from chiropractic director for the boston marathon since 1984 to present, Ironman Hawaii Chiropractor, Team USA Triathlon Chiropractor, Broadway Show Phantom of the Opera, Instructor for Options for Animals Chiropractic College in Wellsville Kansas.

Dr Bruce's office is not your typical chiropractic office, it is very relaxing and family oriented. When you arrive at his door you will immediately feel like you are in a wellness environment.

The office is at 33 Union St Suite 210 in Columbian Sq. South Weymouth with lots of free parking.
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Horse Lameness and Horse Balance - Equine Chiropractor Mass and New England

Your  Balance Point
You and your horse need to be in balance to prevent injury and improve your riding. Well we all know this but does this really occur and how often?
The center of balance for your horse is just behind his elbow in the chest area and your center is at the naval. When your posture and core are strong you will usually sit straight up. In these days of computers the typical posture is hunched forward with head jutting forward. Your upper back and neck will often strain and subluxate the vertebrae causing muscle imbalance.  The forward posture can be improved by sitting on a ball at the desk while you work or even using a posture specific chair. Exercises using a balance ball between your back and the wall while doing wall sitting will improve your core as well. It is important to have your chiropractor check you periodically to be sure your spine is functioning well, long before there is pain.
Your horse likewise should have regular chiropractic checkups to ensure good spinal movement. Remember it is very common for a rider to cause equine imbalance that becomes a separate issue for the horse as well. Core and proprioception exercises such as the ones featured in the book “Activate your Horses Core” are great to incorporate.
Recently I had a rider who consistently did not turn her shoulder correctly while riding and this in turn caused stiffness in her horse. I corrected her spine and gave her exercises to do which greatly enhanced her horses movement.
Sometimes it is the simple things that matter.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

back pain in dogs- dog not eating or drinking - Chiropractor for dogs mass

Recently I received a call from a worried owner. Her lab/rotty mix was not eating or drinking. He paced and the vet could not find any cause. Pain meds did not help.

The dog had recently had difficulty getting up on the hind end and now his neck and shoulder were in pain.
I determined this dog had a disc problem and subluxations in the lumbar spine along with arthritis. I adjusted him and did some myofascial work as well as acupressure.

After 30 min he actually lifted his head, drank some water and ate some food for the first time in days. 24 hours later I treated him again and he was trotting and moving normally as well as eating and drinking.

This dog was slatted to be put down and thanks to animal chiropractic we saved him.

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