Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Agility Dogs and Shoulder problems - Chiropractor for Dogs Mass

Shoulder problems are common among dogs, especially Agility Dogs. Since they jump and go over obstacles such as "A" Frames there is much pressure placed on the front of the shoulder joint. If your dog has an issue with jumps or some lameness findings there very well may be a "cranial head of the humerus subluxation" This is where the head [top] of the humerus gets 'stuck' in a forward position and does not allow full extention of the the front legs. Having your dog adjusted in the shoulder region and cervical [neck] will help solve this problem and improve performance.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

How do you know if your Horse needs a Chiropractor - Horse Chiropractor Mass.

If your horse has difficulty turning left or right, is heavy in the hand, tosses his head or has trouble collecting and cross cantering your horse may need a chiropractor. Animal Chiropractors are Board Certified by the American Vet. Chiropractic Assoc and International Assoc. Please be sure the Doctor you are using is in fact Board Certified.

Agility Dogs - Dog Chiropractor Mass - Canine Chiropractic

I will be at the BARK agility trials on July 15 -17th adjusting dogs. Please stop by if you are in the Smithfield RI area.