Tuesday, February 28, 2017

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Animal Chiropractic requires a Chiropractor or Vet to be certified after taking a 215 hour course and exam. There are Chiropractors and Vets that say they are certified but unless u can find them on the American Vet Chiropractic Assoc web site, then they are not.
Chiropractors have been trained over 4 years in post grad work to use their hands in the adjustment of the spine and extremities. A Dr that took a weekend course is NOT trained to do this work and can hurt your animal. The use of instruments or tools to adjust animals is also not taught in the 3 animal chiropractic colleges of which I am an instructor at Options for Animals. These instruments are a sham and you should not be paying for this care.

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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Dog chiropractor/back pain in dogs cape cod boston

Too often dogs are diagnosed with disc problems and the actual issue is spinal subluxations which is a movement problem in the spime causing nerve pinching. A Certified Animal Chiropractor can correct these subluxations w adjustments and cold laser.
Always check to see if the chiropractor is certified by the american vet chiropractic assoc since ther are doctors adjusting animals who are not certified and have not attended a 215 hour post grad course.
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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

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Many dogs can experience a sore back and your vet will usually evaluate for disc problems and most cases this is not the problem. If your vet finds no disc problems then u will get meds for pain and inflammation. This approach will not fix the problem but rather treat the symptoms and cause other new issues due to compensation.

Most commonly the issue is a subluxation of the spine which is literally a spinal joint that can get stuck in motion causing nerve pain and muscle strain. A Certified Animal Chiropractor can easily evaluate your dog for this and a chiropractic adjustment along with cold laser can correct this. Your vet is not experienced in diagnosis of this issue so it will not be detected, I teach at Options for Animals chiropractic college and can tell you that the Vets that I teach are always amazed when I teach them about spinal biomechanics since this is not taught in their school.

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