Thursday, December 27, 2012

Front leg lamness - chiropractor for dogs south shore boston and cape cod

Once your vet has cleared your dog of any disease causing the lameness, animal chiropractic can be used. Common causes are:
Subluxation of the cervical and or thoracic spine
Trigger points in the shoulder girdle muscles
Subluxation of the cranial humeral head( shoulder joint)

Treatment by a Certified Animal Chiropractor will stress adjustments to the subluxations, muscle work, stretching and home exercises for the owner to do as follow up.

This is a very common problem and i would love to answer any qusestions u may have as well as evaluate your dog. I make house calls.
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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pain or Sensitive Withers - Chiropractor for Horse mass - North shore Boston Chiropractor for horses - South Shore Boston Chiropractor for Horses

Sensitive withers can be the result of a subluxation in the upper thoracic spine. The cause can be from a poorly fitted saddle. Many english saddles are too narrow in the back thus pinching the lumbar spine and creating tension all the way up the spine to the withers. Many owners use pads to correct this problem but this is like putting on another pair of socks when your shoes are tight.

Please contact me so i can evaluate your horse and get you and your horse back to a fun experience.
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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Canine and Equine Chiropractor will travel

I teach at Options for Animals Chiropractic College and maintain a practice in Boston Mass. I will travel any where in the world to take care of dogs and horses that have issues that have not resolved by standard Vet Care.

Arthritis in Dog knees and lameness - chiropractor for dogs south shore boston,cape cod and boston mass

Degenerative arthritis in the knees is common among dogs. Sometimes it is the result of a cruciate ligament injury.
Chiropractic care for this problem revolves around adjusting the spine due to compensation and working with the extremity muscles to aid in movement and decrease further injury.
Exercises are an important part of the owners care and these are specific to your dog.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Front Leg Lameness in dog - Chiropractor for Dogs south shore mass and greater boston

Front leg lameness is a common problem facing many owners. It is always best to have your vet evaluate your dog first since it can be caused by problems such as Lyme and even Hypothyroid.  If your vet cannot find any specific reason why your dog is lame then it will be of benefit to consult a animal chiropractor.

The nerves from the cervical [neck] supply power to the muscles of the front legs. Dogs carry 60 percent of their body weight on their front legs which will make the problem worse. To add to the picture your dog will start to lean on the front leg more causing a subluxation [joint stuck in motion] in the shoulder.

The animal chiropractor will evaluate your dog and if need will adjust the cervical spine to free up the nerves and check the shoulder. Along with this specific exercises should be given as well.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

back pain in dogs - Chiropractor for dogs with back pain south shore boston

The Noisy Engine
Have you ever gone to the mechanic with your car due to a strange noise in the engine? When the mechanic looked at your car, did they test it with various diagnostics to find the cause of the noise or did they just say "mmmm looks like noisy engine lets spray some WD 40 on it and come back if it is still noisy", probably not.

Well so often the symptoms ie. "noisy engine" are treated with no regard for the cause. I cannot tell you how often in the past 30 years I have seen this occur. Just the other day I saw a dog who was getting Rimadyl for "noisy engine", lol actually lameness that was not caused by a disease process. It turned out that this dog has subluxations within the lumbar along with psoas and assorted muscle strain. Adjusting the dog and doing exercises has dramatically improved him.

Please remember not to treat the " noisy engine " when the cause is not showing up on standard vet testing and consider the concept of subluxation complex, you will help lots of animals!