Monday, June 25, 2012

Neck Pain and Upper Back Pain - Chiropractor Weymouth mass

When you have neck or back problems, your posture changes and the above picture occurs. The weight is the weight your body perceives that your head weighs as your posture moves forward. Getting adjusted by a chiropractor can avoid this and prevent the hump women complain about as well as avoid arthritis of the spine.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Massage Therapy in South Weymouth at Indek Chiropractic

Amy Hayes LMT offers massage therapy, hot stone, sports massage, deep tissue and relaxation therapy at Indek Chiropractic  33 Union St Weymouth mass.

Dr Indek highly recommends her. You do not have to be a patient of Dr Indek's to see Amy

Please call 781-337-1180 to schedule an Appt.

Dr Indek and Amy are currently accepting new people.

Lameness in Dogs Chiropractor for Dogs in Mass.

Often Lameness may not be a Vet issue. If your dog is Lame first bring him to your Vet and if he or she has a disc problem, arthritis, non surg. knee or other joint issues as well as non descript causes and your Vet offers you pain killers, muscle relaxers, and crate rest, Please call me. Often Chiropractic Care for these dogs will fix the cause and improve the quality of life of your dog without drugs. I recommend Acupuncture in some instances as well - Kingston Animal Hospital.

I make house calls at reasonable rates throughout New England. I also teach at the Options for Animals Chiropractic College in Wellsville Kansas.

My phone is 781-337-1180 and email is