Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Front and or back leg problems in dogs - chiropractor for dogs cape cod, boston, nantucket south shore boston

I treat many performance and family pets, and a very common problem is found in the rear and or front legs.
Dogs typically carry 60 percent of their body wt on the front end so if there is a rear leg problem even more wt goes to the shoulders and neck thus causing secondary issues there.  The pelvis has 2 important joints called the Sacroiliac Joints which allow your dog to walk, run, get up, sit down etc. Commonly these Sacroiliac joints lock up in motion thus inhibiting your dog from easily jumping up or down as well as walking and running. If the right side is locked in motion then the left front leg typically sees the affects since dogs walk and move in a diagonal. The neck aka cervical spine will also be affected since the muscles of the front leg tie into the neck.

Typically your vet will not be able to diagnose this since they are not trained in spinal biomechanics so the usual meds for pain and inflam will be given and the issue goes untreated.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Shoulder pain and injury in dogs- chiropractor for dogs south shore boston,boston cape cod nantucket

The shoulder in your dog has muscles tha tie into the upper back and neck. The shoulder itself is not attached to any bones unlike humans and thus is suspended by muscle. When there is a shoulder or front leg injury and your Vet has diagnosed it as a soft issue injury, this is where the animal chiropractor comes into play. Adjusting the neck,shoulder and upper back along with some exercises that are specific will greatly speed healing along with cold laser.

The longer your dog goes without chiropractic care at this point the greater the potential for bad adaptation habits in the other joints.

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