Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lameness in a dog - dog chiropractor south of boston house calls

Lameness can be caused by lyme disease, thyroid problems as well as hip, back,neck and or shoulder issues, not to mention elbow, knee and paw issues, WOW!

Yes there are lots of causes, if u have been to your vet to rule out lyme and thyroid then a canine chorractor is needed. Be sure the chiropractor is certified by the american vet chiropractic assoc.
A subluxation within the joints and or the spine can change muscle function and thus lameness.

Chiropractic adjustments as well as exercises, cold laser and sometimes wt loss will help correct the problem.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dog pain - shakes or trembles after exercise - Dog chiropractor south shore boston - cape cod- boston

If your dog shakes or trembles post activity you should first think about having your vet check for things such as lyme. If you vet find nothing wrong then it is time to see the animal chiropractor. Please always check to be sure the animal chiropractor is certified by the Amer. Vet. Chiropractic Assoc.

The problem may be caused by a strained muscle and a subluxation of the spine causing nerve irritation and thus inadequate power supply to the muscle. When the muscle is used with less that optimal power supply the fatigue factor kicks in and the muscle shakes. I recently had a dog who had a 'stuck' shoulder joint causing abnormal muscle use and thus shaking as well. Your vet is not trained to find these sort of issues which is why they could not find the problem.

Chiropractic adjustments along with exercise and cold laser often solves the problem.
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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Arthritis pain in dogs and horses - chiropractor for dogs and horses south shore boston cape cod north shore boston

Arthritis is defined as joint inflammation. Chronic joint inflammation leads to the breakdown of joints with eventual nerve irritation when this occurs in the spine. Supplements can help maintain the joint from getting worse. Medication can cause liver and kidney damage over time.

Chiropractic along w cold laser and specific exercises will improve nerve function, decrease pain as well as prevent the other areas of the spine from injury due to compensation.

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Disc problems in Dogs - slipped disc in dogs- dog chiropractor south of boston and cape cod south shore

Various dogs have disposition to disc problems. These dogs actually have a change in the chemical composition of the disc. A substance called "Proteoglycans" are one of the chemical changes that occur. Proteoglycans are a natural part of the disc and they offer structural support and help retain moisture in the disc. When these proteoglycans diminish in amounts as the dog ages in that particular breed such as Dachs then the disc loses some of it structural strength and moisture. The loss of moisture in the disc makes it brittle. Discs are like jelly donuts in that there is cartilage on the outside like the dough and a gel on the inside. When the disc proteoglycans diminish the cartilage becomes brittle and can develop cracks. Once the cracks occur the inside gel can start to leak out causing the disc to bulge and press on the nerves exiting out the spine. Jumping is often a cause for the disc to crack more and result in disc bulge or herniation.

Chiropractic along with traction exercise and cold laser has helped these dogs heal as well as prevent further spinal problems above and below the disc problem. These dogs must also have some rehab exercises to strengthen their core muscles to support their body.

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

cold laser chiropractor weymouth mass

Dr Bruce Indek of 33 union st . suite 210 columbian sq weymouth mass uses cold laser therapy along with chiropractic care. Dr Bruce is the Director for the Boston Marathon Chiropractic Div as well is Certified in Sports Injuries.
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neck pain and chiropractic for dogs-dog chiropractor south shore boston and cape cod

Subscapularis is a muscle under the shoulder blade and ties into the shoulder. This muscle is powered by nerves in the upper back and neck. If your dog has difficulty on the front legs then this muscle may be involved. Massage alone will not fix the problem. You have to look at the nerve supply to that muscle as well.
If your dog does agility then bars will get knocked down or weave poll difficulty will possibly occur.
Many owners will use stretching tech. to improve their dog but often this is short term.

Animal chiropractic will evaluate the entire region and will often adjust the bones that can interfere with these power nerves and then apply cold laser to the region to speed healing. The chiropractor will often give you exercises to aid in the healing and strengthening process.

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Back pain in dogs and horses , chiropractor for dogs and horses south shore boston cape cod

Back pain is a symptom not the problem. To fully diagnose the cause involves a history and exam to rule out disease and other organ issues that can cause back pain. Many times the cause is mechanical in nature, meaning that the spianal bones are not moving correctly and the nerves are"pinched" causing muscles to tighten and voila back pain.

Certified animal chiropractors can diagnose the back pain cause and either treat your dog or horse or refer them to your Vet. Chiropractic treatment will involve adjustments done by hands as well as cold laser therapy and possibly homeopathic. There are some chiropractors that use hand held devices to adjust your animal, these were designed to be used on humans and do not fit the protocol for animals. I am an instructor at Options for Animals Chiropractic College which is one of 3 certified animal chiropractic colleges by the AVCA. There are vets and chiropractors that are not certified and took a weekend course and claim to do chiropractic, this is mis leading the public. I have been in practice for 30 years and there is no way someone can become a chiropractor in a weekend, these doctors are potentially hurting your animal or doing nothing.

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

hip pain and hip dysplasia in dogs - chiropractor for dogs south shore and boston

hip dysplasia

This is a great article on hip dysplasia. Dogs with hip dysplasia can benefit from chiropractic care and cold laser treatment. Especially for the non affected joints that are taking on the stress of the dysplastic hip.
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