Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Foal or Puppy Chiropractic Care

When is right time to have your foal or puppy checked by a chiropractor? This is a common question.

Chiropractic Subluxations {spinal bones that do not move correctly which interfere with normal nerve function and result in abnormal organ and muscle function} are caused by 3 major factors ---- 1. Stress 2. toxins 3. trauma.

Your newborn foal or puppy has just experienced 2 of these major factors in a big way. Birth is a very stressful process for mom and baby. The newborn has trauma from being pushed through the birth canal and experiences a toxic environment for a slight period of time due to the loss of oxygen when going from a passive breathing environment within the womb to an active life outside.

Having your newborn checked by an animal chiropractor as soon as possible is very important. Once you can handle the baby this is the time. Common subluxations are usually in the pelvis and upper cervical regions. The subluxations will definitely affect performance later in life when the horse has a rider on them or when the dog is trained for athletic activity such as agility.