Thursday, June 27, 2013

nerves in the neck- Chiropractor Weymouth mass- indek chiropractic Weymouth mass

The nerves of the neck are the green lines you see leaving the neck and running down under the collar bone and down to the arm. This anatomical reason is why when you have pain or numbness in the arm or hand the chiropractor will adjust your neck and relieve the stress on those nerves and Voila pain and numbness is gone.

back and neck pain - cold laser - chiropractor weymouth mass south shore boston

Cold laser is used by physical therapist, trainers and chiropractors to treat pain in muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. When a chiropractor uses cold laser it is done very differently than the PT or trainer. Since chiropractors are experts in neurology the cold laser will be applied in relation to the nerves that supply that muscle, tendon and or joint. There are spinal levels that directly relate to say the deltoid [shoulder muscle] within the neck so placing the laser at the deltoid and the specific bones of the neck will stimulate that neurological connection to speed healing.

The next phase is adjusting the neck and back where those nerves are compromised as well as up-regulating the muscles that support them using the laser. What this means is having the patient doing specific exercises to the involved muscle while the laser is being applied to that muscle.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

dog chiropractor south shore of boston and cape cod

Dr Bruce Indek only makes house calls since your dog will be more comfortable in their own house. Dr Bruce also teaches at options for animals chiropractic college and is certified by the american vet chiropractic assoc.
please contact him at 781-337-1180 or email at

chiropractor for dogs and horses with back and leg pain

Pain is controlled by the nervous system and can be a sign of something that is injured. Joints of the back and legs can get stuck in motion and pull on muscle and tendons which will cause pain.
When these joints are stuck in motion your dog or horse can become lame or just alter gait pattern.
Often Medication is give for the pain but there can be a better alternative.... Chiropractic adjustments to fix the movement along with cold laser treatment to control pain and speed healing will work best.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Chiropractor in Weymouth for back pain takes walk in appts.

Dr Bruce Indek has been in practice since 1984 and indeed takes walk in patients. Most major insurance accepted and fees can be as low as 40 for a visit.

My practice is in Columbian Sq Weymouth 33 union st.

Certified in Sports Injuries
Director of chiropractic Boston Marathon since 1985
Chiropractor for Phantom and Cats Broadway shows

Utilizing Diversified, Torque Release low force, Cox, Cold Laser Therapy.

I focus on giving the individual exercises for home as well to aid in the healing process.
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dogs with hip and muscle pain - chiropractor for dog with hip pain south shore boston and cape cod.

Hip pain can be the result to hip dysplasia, lyme, arthritis and subluxation. It is always a good idea to have your vet test your dog for lyme if they are lame or have difficulty getting up.
If the lyme test is negative and there are no other disease processes causing the pain then an animal chiropractor is your next step.

Always check to be sure the animal chiropractor is certified by the American Vet Chiropractic Assoc or the International Assoc. There are some Vets and Chiros that have taken a weekend course vs the 215 hour course, this weekend course is insufficient to take care of your dog and can actually hurt them for obvious reasons [ insuff. training].

The animal chiropractor who has taken the 215 course work is trained to identify if your dog needs chiropractic or vet care. The entire dog will be evaluated and if the problem is caused by a subluxation of the spine and or extremities then a course of adjustments will be given along with rehab exercises and possibly cold laser treatment.

I have been treating animals for over 8 years and teach at the Options for Animals Chiropractic College in Wellsville KS .  All of my visits are house calls as well, price range from 50 to 95. Please contact me at 781-337-1180 or email at and my website is

Dr Bruce

Thursday, June 20, 2013

chiropractor for dogs south shore boston - chiropractor for horses ma - back pain in dogs or horses /chiropractor

MITOCHONDRIA!! wow does that stir up memories of science class? These little power houses make the power that all the cells in living tissues use to do their job whether it is a muscle, nerve or even heart cell. During stress from physical injury such as "over use" from any activity, or just prolonged inactivity. these MITOCHONDRIA are injured and do not produce the appropriate power to heal the tissue, thus your dog or horse will possibly be lame, or just not moving correctly.

The chiropractic adjustment along with the cold laser stimulate the MITOCHONDRIA to heal and start producing more power supply for healing, so............ they get better faster.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

chiropractor for dogs, horses and people south shore boston/ chiropractor for pain in back for dogs and peopleDr

Dr Indek has been using Cold Laser Therapy with his animal and people patients and getting amazing results.

This therapy is for Pain, Injured Tissue such as ligaments, tendon, muscle, cart., joints, arthritis , disc problems.

It has no side effects and is totally safe, not to mention has FDA approval.

A specific frequency laser light with specific wavelengths of light are focused on the tissue ie. shoulder, knee, spine, for a period of 5 to 10 min over a course of 6 to 10 visits.  When stress to tissues occur such as injury or pain the Mitochondria in the cell of those tissues are damaged which inhibit the cell from healing and functioning normally. Mitochondria produce the fuel that all cells use to do their job be it a nerve cell, heart cell , muscle cell ........

The effects are as follows:
At the Cell Level : Mitochondria repair and increased fuel production for a cell.
At the Organ Level : Normal organ function returns since its cells have repaired
Symptom Level: Symptoms decrease and stop
Thus healing occurs not just symptom relief.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dog with shoulder pain - Chiropractor for dogs south shore boston

A common complaint is that my dog has trouble going up and down stairs. Well the shoulder may be at fault. Agility owners complain of missing bars, well the shoulder may be at fault. If the scapula [wing of the shoulder] cannot rotate well and the actual shoulder joint is 'stuck' then all of the above will happen.

I use Cold Laser therapy along with myofascial release work in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments.
All of my visits are house calls. Please contact Dr Bruce at 781-337-1180 or email at and my website is

Carpal Tunnel Problems - How to cure Carpal Tunnel Pain - Chiropractor weymouth mass

A Common complaint is Carpal Tunnel in the wrist, actually it is more commonly caused by the forearm which is why most surgeries for Carpal Tunnel fail. My new treatment with cold laser can often fix this complaint, please contact me at 781-337-1180 or email at On the other hand (oh ho ho), there is a preconceived notion that there are fewer bones in the hands than there are in the feet. This isn't true. There are 27 bones in each hand and 26 in each foot. Together, the 106 bones in your hands and...See More On the other hand (oh ho ho), there is a preconceived notion that there are fewer bones in the hands than there are in the feet. This isn't true. There are 27 bones in each hand and 26 in each foot. Together, the 106 bones in your hands and feet make up over half of the bones in your entire body! If you've got an iPad or iPhone, give our FREE preview of Human Anatomy Atlas a spin! It includes over 200 bones and hundreds of ligaments, as well as the app's full functionality. Try it now!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Back pain/ nerve injury/ligament-tendon damage - cold laser therapy chiropractor south shore boston

On Saturday I attended a seminar on the use of Cold Laser Therapy, some of you have heard me talk about it. Well it blew me away on how versatile this therapy can be for people and animals. I now have a cold laser that I will be using in the office and on animal visits. Please read this descripton below which is a brief review of how it works and just a sample of conditions it will help. Those of you that utilize my animal chiropractic will see amazing results in a shorter amount of time than the human data below, since animals have a higher tuned nervous system. In a nutshell, Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) causes tissues to heal faster – muscle, skin and nerve – 66% faster according to the above FDA study. Specifically, LLLT works at the cell level. Human cells produce a chemical known as ATP (adenosine tri- phosphate) to run the body and heal tissue. All of our body’s activities result from the use of ATP, it’s like gasoline to a car. LLLT stimulates a micro-structure within the cells called the mitochondria (nicknamed the “powerhouse” because it produces ATP) to produce slightly higher amounts of ATP. Thus with more ATP at the cell level, tissues heal faster, and therefore relief comes quicker. Conditions and Symptoms As is true of many alternative therapies, you may receive alternative benefits to being treated, in addition to what you wanted fixed in the first place. This is because the ATP being produced is “systemic”, meaning although we’re focusing the laser on a particular area, the ATP is ultimately being sent throughout your entire body. The list of symptoms responding to LLLT is growing, and more valid research is being performed on a daily basis.  Carpal Tunnel  Sciatica  Sports Injuries  Scars and Scar Tissue  Wound healing  Acute and Chronic Pain  Neuropathy  Neck & Back Pain  Headaches & Migraines  Fibromyalgia  Nerve & Disc Pain Even people and animals with arthritis will see greatly improved movement and pain reduction. Athletes will see improved energy, flexability and strength. Number of Treatments needed: 4-12 treatments are necessary to begin the healing process of tissue, although in some cases relief can begin immediately. Maximum treatment would be 1x per day per area, minimum would be 1x per week to still see results. Multiple areas of complaint may be treated. This treatment cycle may need to be repeated, and eventually spread out.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Chiropractor weymouth mass - back pain

The best care available is chiropractic. Your MD will usually not advise you to go since they have little to no knowledge about chiropractic. At my office I have a massage therapist joe alvero lmt that specializes in myofascial release which will help those muscle knots. I am also using a gentle chiropractic adjusting tech that speeds healing. Please call me to discuss your case 781-337-1180 or email at Discounted care for those insurance policies that do not cover chiropractic as well.

Dogs with front leg lameness - chiropractor for dogs south shore boston cape cod boston

Dogs carry 60 percent of their wt on the front legs so there is alot of stress in the shoulder joint. Now add jumping and that force increases. The most common problem that causes front leg lameness is subluxation of the shoulder ( locking of the joint and inhibiting extension of the front leg resulting in short stride as well. Chiropractic adjustments a nd stretches will correct this problem. Please contact dr bruce at 781-337-1180 oe email at

Horse that throws head up - back problem in horse - chiropractor for horses mass - south shore boston and north shore

Horses iniate movement by tucking the pelvis and flexing the low back. If your horse starts to throw his head on forward motion then there may be a subluxation ( stuck ) joint in the sacroiliac and or lumbar region. The head toss is to help your horse transfer his weight back to the hind end to aid in flexion of the lumbar and pelvis since they are not flexing on their own. A chiropractic evaluation will be able to determine if a subluxation complex is the cause and adjustments as well as specific exercises will correct it. Please contact Dr Bruce at 781-337-1180 or email at

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Arthritis in dogs - chiropractor for dogs south shore boston- cape cod and boston

Arthritis in dogs is a permanent problem that needs to be mananged with maintanence chiropractic care. Your dog will compensate and injure other joints. Having on going chiropractic check ups will keep the arthritic joints from progressing as well. Some owners elect to wait for symptoms to call the chiropractor but owners need to know sometimes this is too late and your dog cannot get back to pre symptom state. Being proactive is the healthiest for your dog as well as financially cheaper since acute care is just more expensive with increased frequency of care. Any questions please call me at 781-337-1180 my email is