Thursday, February 28, 2013

Back Pain in Dogs- Disc Problems in Dogs and Lameness- Chiropractor for dogs south of boston

Disc Problems are common in some breeds especially the long back short leg breeds.
The Disc is like a circle of fibrous tissue in similar to a tree trunk and gel in the center. Sometimes the fibrous tissue tears and the gel can bulge or leak out. The bulge or leak will put pressure on spinal nerves causing back pain, and possible leg issues.

Chiropractic and Acupuncture has greatly helped these dogs without the need for surgery. If you have a MRI of your dogs spine that is of help but not required. Chiropractic is safe for dogs with disc issues and should be your first intervention rather than surgery which is the last resort.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Chiropractor fof horses north shore and rhode island- back pain in horses - saddle fit

A simple way of checking saddle fit is the "pill box" method. Take a medication container ( cylinder shape ) and place it on the seat of your saddle while it is on your horse with no pad. Where the med container comes to rest is your balance point, it may be too far forward or back.  Now take the pad and place it on your horse with the saddle on the pad, if the bottle stays in the same place or moves take note. Remeber a pad is not always the answer to an unbalanced saddle, your horse may need a chiropractor and a visit from the saddle fitter.

Another great observation to make is the shoulder symmetry which changes saddle fit. Draw a chaulk line from the back of the shoulder blades ( scapula) up to the spine. Stand on a box behind your horse w hands on the butt and a friend holding the neck and head straight. Observe if the lines meet or is one forward to the other. Any uneven lines will make the saddle twist and cause pressure points.  A chiropractic  visit , or farrier,and or massage should be considered before u get a pad or change saddles.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

polo horses and back pain in horses - Chiropractor for horses North Shore Boston and Newport RI

Polo horses have the specific problem of wither subluxations and sacroiliac.

Adjusting these areas has greatly improved speed and balance.

I will travel to your barn and evaluate your horse and rider if you wish.

The fee for your horse is 110 and rider is 35.

Please Call or email Dr Bruce 781-337-1180 or

Saddle fit and tender sensitive back in your horse - chiropractor for horses north shore, shouth shore and cape cod

Your horse changes dimensions during the year from summer to winter as well as when they age. Ideally you should have your saddle checked 2 times per year. Not having your saddle checked is a major cause of subluxation and sensitive back. Not to mention this will cause you to become off balance further aggravating the situation.

As a writer for Centered Riding, being a rider, instructor for animal chiropractic college, and practioner for 30 years, I have a great insight into the bio-mechanics of you and your horse.

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Chiropractor in weymouth with 30 years experience

My name is Dr Bruce Indek and I have been in practice for 30 years treating all ages and athletes as well.
I have been the chiropractic coordinator for the Boston Marathon for 29 years as well as for broadways shows in boston such as Cats and Phantom.

The office is located in Columbian Sq. at 33 Union St near Bob's Muffins.

Please call me with any questions at 781-337-1180 or email me at
I take most insurance and have very affordable fees.

Dr Bruce

Sensitive Back in a horse - Back Pain Horse - Chiropractor for Horses Mass- north shore and All New England

A sensitive back is a common complaint from owners. As a certified animal chiropractor and instructor at Options for Animals Chiropractic College I have heard this often. The cause can be varied but something your Vet will almost never tell you is that the cause could be you. Yes as a writer for Centered Riding I have adjusted many riders as well as their horses and have had super results in re-balancing the two.

If your body is not balanced then the pelvis will exert uneven pressure on your horse's back giving them the possible wrong message. Your horse wants to stay balanced and not drop you so this in turn will cause subluxation in the horse due to abnormal pressure.

My service is unique in the fact that I will bring my portable table to your barn and adjust you and your horse. My 30 years of experience gives me an insight that many other doctors do not as well as I ride too.

Please call me at 781-337-1180 to discuss your problem or email me at

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Front leg lameness in dogs - chiropractor for dogs south of boston and cape cod

When your vet cannot find a reason for the lameness it may be caused by a subluxation in the houlder and or neck. A common subluxation in the shoulder is when it locks in a cranial position ( forward) as a result of jumping or quick turns.

In the neck a subluxation can alter muscle and nerve function to the front limb.

Chiropractic adjustments along w moist heat to the affected joint as well as some stretches will help.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Neck problem in dogs - chiropractor for dogs south shore boston and cape cod

Puppy's and adult dogs can suffer from neck problems. Puppy's can be born with a tortocollis like issue which is a subluxation in the cervical spine and strained neck muscles. Chiropractic adjustments to the cervical region alomg with myofascial release techniques will help. It is important for the owner to do some rehab exercises that i always give as well.

Adult dogs can have this problem as a result of play or jumping. The trauma to the shoulder can cause tension in the neck resulting in the same issue. Your dog may not lift the head or wimper when drinking or eating. They may not even walk well or carry the head " Fuuny ". Chiropractic adjustments and therapy like in puppy's will help the problem.

Your vet will usually pres meds for pain which may be helpful w the symptoms but not correct the problem.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Front leg lamness -chiropractor for dogs south of boston and cape cod

Dr Bruce seen here adjusting dogs at the Cape Cod Agility Trial 2012.

Please contact him either by phone 781-377-1180 or email

Arthritis and back pain - Chiropractor in weymouth mass

arthritis is inflammation of the joints with usually some decay of the joint. Chiropractors have been helping improve patient movement and decrease pain for over 110 years. My practice has been helping people with this for 30 years.

Please call Dr Indek at 781-337-1180 or
Medicare and other insurance covers your care.

dogs with back pain - Canine chiropractor south shore boston - chiropractor for dogs south of boston

Dogs like people can have back pain. Causes are varied from strains to disc problems. Many times owners will bring them to the vet only to leave with pain meds and the like. This may help manage the pain but will do nothing for the cause of the problem. If the cause is not a disease then chiropractic for animals will help.

Chiropractors and Vets need to go to a 215 hour cert course so please ask the doctor that u are using for canine chiropractic if they have had this training if not go to the AVCA american vet chiropractic assoc website or call me Dr Bruce Indek at 781-337-1180 / email at

Adjustments different that people along with some exercises and rehab will help your dog and be much more cost effective.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

back pain after shoveling Chiropractor weymouth mass

Pain after shoveling? You can try advil but if the pain is sharp u need ice pack every 2 hours for 20 min . If the pain is ache use moist heat same schedule. If pain persists past one day please call Dr Bruce at 781-337-1180 or email at Dr Bruce has treated people with this problem for 30 years and most insurance accepted.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Dogs with back pain - Chiropractor for Dogs south shore boston

Heavy snow will put tension in your dogs back and legs. Jumping over drifts will hyperextend the back and cause subluxation [pinched nerves] .

Please call Dr Bruce at 781-337-1180 or email at with any questions. I make house calls so I can see your dog right away.

back pain from shoveling - Chiropractor Weymouth mass - chiropractor columbian square weymouth

This storm brought some heavy snow. Please bend your knees and hold the shovel near the blade. If picking up lots of slush and ice use a wheel barrow.

Try to shovel in one direction and not pick up and rotate.

If you have problems please call Dr Indek at 781-337-1180 or email at,
We can see you right away.

Stay healthy
Dr Indek

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

bucking horse - Chiropractor for horses eastern mass. and NH

Bucking horses can be the result of a subluxation within the sacroiliac joint [ pelvis ] and or the low back.
Many owners tell me their horse bucks when they are riding or fuss when being tacked up. This is a sign of subluxation possibly in these areas.

As an animal chiropractor I will evaluate the saddle, tack, movement, muscles and spine as well as all 4 extremities. My treatment is usually muscle work, adjustments and exercises for you to do with your horse.

Please call me at 781-337-1180 or email Dr Bruce at

low back pain - Chiropractor in Weymouth mass

The Psoas Muscle is one of the main support muscles for the low back. When you have a subluxtion [ spinal joint that is not moving correctly and irritating nerves ] in the low back, the Psoas Muscle will get tight. You must go to the chiropractor to correct the subluxation or the Psoas Muscle will just get tight again and cause back pain. Doing this stretch will help your chiropractic adjustments and relieve pain.

If you log onto my website : there is a link on the home page [right side] for "Perform Better", they have great prices on quality foam rollers.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Weymouth Chiropractor

Carpal Tunnel may not be coming from your wrist but rather your elbow, shoulder and or neck. Wearing splints for extended periods of time will cause wrist muscle atrophy and permanent loss.

Please contact Dr Bruce Indek at 781-337-1180 or email me at

Too many people are being treated by their MD for the wrong reason as I have seen in my 30 years of practice.

My office is located in Columbian Sq South Weymouth Mass.

Neck pain and headaches - Chiropractor in Weymouth Mass

Neck pain can be caused by a subluxation [ joint in the neck that is not moving correctly irritating nerves]. The nerves in the neck go to the skull and upper back as well as the arms and hands.

Chiropractic adjustments to the cervical [ neck ] will correct this problem as I have experienced in my 30 years of practice. There is no need to live on Advil and Tylenol, not to mention theses meds are toxic to the stomach and liver.

Please call me [Dr Bruce] to discuss your case 781-337-1180 or email me at, I am located in Columbian Sq South Weymouth.

Disc Problems in Dogs Alternative Therapy - Chiropractor for dogs South Shore Boston - Cape Cod

Chondroplastic is the fancy name for breeds of dogs that are prone to disc problems. Some of the familiar are the Dachs, and Corgy.

Often the neck or low back region is where the disc occurs as well as the thoraco-lumbar transition which is between the upper and low back vert.

Chiropractic adjustment, stretching, muscle strengthening and acupuncture are very helpful and much more cost effective.

Please call me at 781-337-1180 Dr Bruce

Monday, February 4, 2013

weymouth chiropractor - chiropractor in weymouth mass

Many patients ask how long do I have to see the chiropractor. Well chiropractic can be divided into two phases 1. Pain Care 2. Wellness Care

Pain care is obvious and will take different amounts of time depending on age, injury, etc.
Wellness care occurs if no pain exists and this is the best part of chiropractic. Evaluating a person on a ongoing process for subluxation and correcting it long before symptoms is Wellness Care. Do u eat right, exercise?

Well Wellness Care is like eating right and exercising. It improves the immune system, muscle balance, nerve function and balance. Most wait till they have lost one of these to seek chiropractic care and that is fine but isn't it nicer to stay well than wait till pain occurs. Remember your body is not a machine and sometimes when you wait for symptoms they cannot always be fixed.

Call Dr Bruce with questions, 781-337-1180. I have many affordable plans if your insurance does not cover chiropractic.

lameness in dogs front leg - chiropractor for dogs cape cod and south of boston

lameness in the front leg can be caused by many issues. Dogs carry 60 percent of their body weight on the front legs. If your dog is overwt. they will carry more wt on the front end and strain the neck and shoulder. Chiropractic adjustments will help the neck and shoulder as well as a diet change.
Many owners give way to many treats, so try carrots and string beans instead of those awful calorie rich store treats.

Call me with questions at 781-337-1180 Dr Bruce

Chiropractor for horse - Head Toss and TMJ problems in a horse

Yawning and Head Shake

If you notce your horse is shaking their head or yawning there may be a TMJ (jaw joint) or upper cervical subluxation, especially if your vet has not found any tooth or gum issues.

The TMJ will regulate jaw movement and the muscles as well as the upper cervical joints interact with this movement. Your horse may be attempting to unlock the jaw and or decrease tension in the upper cervical region. When riding you may notice resistance to the bit and head tossing.

Teeth that needed to be floated or arthritis within the joint can cause this condition not to mention improper tack.

A animal chiropractic evaluation can determine if this issue is present. 

Treatment will involve manual traction on the jaw as well as adjustments to the TMJ and cervical spine will be in order. Myofascial work to the TMJ and Occiput area will also help.