Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cholesterol is not the problem - Homocystine is the problem - chiropractor south shore boston, chiropractor weymouth mass

Homocystine is created in the body as a natural product. At high levels it will cause damage to the artery linings making them more prone to have cholesterol plaques sticking and thus blocking blood flow.

Statin drugs have lowered cholesterol to prevent blocks but this is the WRONG approach. Statin drugs will cause muscle damage, loss of cognitive brain activity, diabetes, cataracts, and even sexual dysfunction like ED. Have you noticed more ED ads on TV, you want to know why? Well more and more men are being put on Statin Drugs thus more ED, follow the big pharm money trail.

How do you get high Homocystine levels? Stress from mental or physical activity. Intense exercise can rise homocystine. Athletes are prone to this damage then. To protect from atherosclerosis and thus cholesterol damage to flow all you need to do is take a good vit B complex, eat more green leafy veg, and take a creatine supplement. All these are good for many parts of the body.

Do not fall into the trap of Statins, most MD's are blind to these simple factors so do your research.
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